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Collagene Intense Mask

Snail Slime Routine Mask

  • Extremely nourishes the skin

  • Reduces wrinkles, fine lines and dark rings under the eyes

  • Softens the imperfections of the skin

  • Slows the skin's aging process


Regenerates and firms up skin hydrates and helps fight against ageing of skin anti-age revolution

The sheet mask is impregnated with a collagen- rich serum helping the skin to maintain its hydro-lipid balance. Thanks to its regenerating power, collagen firms up skin renewing all its elasticity.

Our Collagene Intense Mask contains:

Collagen, major component of epidermis tissue, gives skin its elasticity and resistance. Collagen has considerable moisturising properties. It stimulates dead cells and enables dermal tissue to be restructured as well as fighting against skin ageing.

Vitamin E, which improves the performance of the skin barrier, with water loss being reduced. The moisturising properties of vitamin E that regulates water flow increase with repeated applications. Skin becomes gentler with renewed suppleness.

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Collagene Intense Mask

  • £9.82
  • 2022-01-20
  • 9.82
  • 9.82


Collagene Intense Mask