FIRMING CARE Bust and Neckline

New FIRMING CARE Bust and Neckline

Institut Claude Bell

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The targeted treatment to strengthen and refine the bust and neckline: rapid smoothing effect in only 15 minutes + long-lasting skin firmness and tone.*

Visible effects in only 15 minutes!*

Our FIRMING CARE bust and neckline is targeted to strengthen and refine the bust and neckline.*
Designed to promote the penetration of its "high performance" active ingredients into the skin, it reduces skin congestion and releases toxins.* The skin regain its former tone, elasticity and firmness; it will be smoother and softer.*


Caffeine and Carnitine

FIRMING CARE bust and neckline contains two synergistic active ingredients:

  • Caffeine, broadly recognized for its role in helping cells eradicate fat,
  • Carnitine, a natural molecule involved in transporting fatty acids from cells to their place of destruction.


Clinical tests

**Read the full clinical study report here:

Firming Care Bust and Neckline: clinical resultsClinical studies** were conducted on a female panel over a one-month period. The results were spectacular:

  • Gain in firmness: + 19,7%,*
  • Gain in elasticity: +24,0%,*
  • Immediate gain in tone: +43,7% of panellists.*

Moreover, the clinical study** on the same panel but over a period of 15 minutes, showed a 46% reduction of roughness and a 46% reduction of wrinkle depth.*

After being asked about sensations the product induced, volunteers of the study** stated that they noticed:

  • A feeling of freshness upon application: 89%,*
  • A fine and pleasant texture: 79%,*
  • A sensation of hydration, which "clothes the skin":58%,*
  • A smoothing effect on the skin: 63%,*

*Results are not guaranteed, and variable according to the user.

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