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Grey Away Hair Spray. This is the Claude Bell Institute’s radical solution against grey hair. A satisfaction rate of almost 100%.

What if you could come back to your natural hair colour in just a few days?

GREY AWAY is a revolutionary treatment to make white hair return to its original colour.

The treatment is simple, fast and very easy.


Why does hair turn grey?

In fact, hair does not turn grey, but white! It is an optical illusion caused by the mixture of coloured and white hair. Hair seems greyer and greyer as the percentage of white hair increases. Hair grows white when it is no longer pigmented, when the follicles at the base of the hair shaft cease to produce melanin.

Melanin is a natural pigment produced with special cells called "melanocytes" located mainly in the epidermis, and whose primary role is to protect the skin from UV radiation. Melanin is a colourful substance which gives certain tissues (skin and hair) coloration.


Grey Away and "Hair Memory"

A few years ago, our laboratory developed a formula that gradually re-pigmented hair: GREY AWAY.

This product’s active ingredient is an extract of the Wasabia japonica – a plant of the Brassicaceae family – which grows naturally along rivers and mountain streams in Japan.
The other ingredients are there to stabilize the main ingredient and give GREY AWAY its efficiency and cosmetic qualities.

The active ingredient is soluble and enters the dry hair shaft upon application. Within minutes, a redox reaction occurs; the active agent reacts with the keratin of the hair. It becomes insoluble and provides a dark coloration. After the reaction has occurred, the pigmentation remains stable and sets. The coloration may vary depending on the amount of times the product has been applied.

To our knowledge, there is no explanation why the hair regains its natural coloration, but this phenomenon is typically seen with this type active ingredient. This is why it is called “Hair Memory”.


Clinical tests

The clinical tests results demonstrate in vivo:

  • After 14 days of treatment, a 46% reduction in grey hair
  • After 28 days of treatment, a 83% reduction in grey hair
  • A satisfaction rate of nearly 100%.

*Results are not guaranteed, and variable according to the user.


Directions for Use

For the quickest results, apply the spray every morning on your dry hair. It is best to apply the product every morning to allow for exposure to sunlight, which helps stimulate the active ingredient. This daily treatment will last between 14 and 28 days, until your hair has regained its natural colour.

To maintain your natural hair colour, you must then use GREY AWAY once a week.

GREY AWAY does not contain any lead acetate or parabens.

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