LUMIN-EYE - Anti- Puffiness and dark circles

LUMIN-EYE - Anti- Puffiness and dark circles

Institut Claude Bell

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Eye contours are a unique area, varying considerably from other parts of the face. Fragile, delicate, they reflect our general physical condition. A lack of sleep, problems getting out of bed in the morning, stress, tiredness...

The pockets and rings that appear under eyes concern 8 women out of 10 and every other man.
The fight against pockets and rings must combine the following action:

  • Start up the microcirculation and lymphatic drainage again.
  • Reduce the fragile nature of capillaries.
  • Prevent the deterioration of the haemoglobin.
  • Reinforce the supporting tissue to improve skin elasticity.



Our LUMIN-EYE care is formulated with ash bark extracts. This bark contains aesculin and fraxin and is acknowledged for reducing the permeability of the capillaires, playing an anti-oxidant role that protects haemoglobin and therefore prevents the rings under your eyes from colouring.*

The input of Organic Silicon reinforces the structure of the capillaries and vessel elasticity.*

Vitamine B3 stimulates collagen, reinforces the skin’s barrier role, protects it from UV and fights against skin hyperpigmentation*



 *Results are not guaranteed, and variable according to the user.

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