Facial Hair Removal Cream

New  Facial Hair Removal Cream

Institut Claude Bell

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Facial Hair Removal Cream

With FACIAL HAIR INHIBITOR, your hair gradually becomes thinner the longer you use it.



The active ingredient in FACIAL HAIR INHIBITOR is palmatine, a natural extract of an Asian plant, called Fibraurea recisa.

Our FACIAL HAIR INHIBITOR is a genuine sciencifially proven treatment. It is formulated with micro-capsules that are released along the hair shaft to a third of its depth and gradually work to reduces hair growth.
The microcapsules allow the product to optimally target the hair growing area until the hair becomes thinner and thinner and, after several months of treatment, disappears completely. 



Directions for use

FACIAL HAIR INHIBITOR should be applied to affected area every evening for 2 months.
Repeat the course as many times as you want.

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